Andrea Mazzoccanti

From Italy

Good evening, I’m Andrea Mazzoccanti and I am 30 years old. I come from Spoleto, Umbria. I’ve graduated in Business Management and I currently work in the Financial Department of the Municipality of Valnerina, more precisely in Vallo di Nera. Luckily, I have so many interests, such as the curiosity of discovering the beauty of the world, enjoying and exploring the natural magnificence, eternalizing everything with my camera. Apart from that, I try so hard to do as much physical exercise as I can with so many different sports because sport gives you a lot in terms of relaxation, competition, ambition and diversion. In my view, it’s the perfect connection between body and soul. Among my interests, I crave for good food and, even if I am a boy, I am passionate about going shopping, I am attracted by fashion and its world to the extend that I talked about it in economic terms in my dissertation with the title “The current role of social media marketing: an empirical investigation on fashion companies”.

Question no. 1 “What is the most enjoyable travel you ever experienced?”

Among the trips I had the chance to take, referring to joy, I would immediately say Madrid, indeed. You can easily feel comfortable in this city, I would say just after one day you are from Madrid. Roaming around its people you can feel the warmth and see them smiling. It seems that the time in Madrid is relative, and you would forget about it. Madrid offers totally itself from the emotional point of view. Being a big capital city, as almost all of them, you will find parks, squares, markets, a royal palace…but what it differs from the other capital cities is the spirit that offers to you, a true-to-life sense of belonging. You won’t feel as a tourist. I personally experienced this feeling and it was amazing having this perception during travelling. At night, you will enjoy the city’s entertainment. People know how to have fun and it is a pleasure to merge with their party spirit. The saying Madrid never sleeps, which is often repeated in the city, gives that idea.

Question n.2 “Which Premiata model best suits your style? Why?

First of all, I would like to congratulate with you all on your products. I personally love the MICK sneakers style. I think there are so many reasons why they are excellent products. They adapt to various combinations of outfits, in my opinion the shoes’ versatility is very important, it can be worn both with a t- shirt / polo / sweater but also with a shirt. I am particularly fond of the palette and the variety of colors, which emphasizes the shoes, (also the logo in view from the side), also allowing the ease of wearing it with different outfits. To mention another point, apart from the aesthetic side-important to the taste, comfort is the key point of the shoes which is unique. You have the feeling that your foot immediately adapt itself to the shoes and the ergonomic sole gives a perception of keeping walking on a meadow. For all these reasons, in addition to the quality of the product that could be easily perceived by sight and touch along with having worn them, I also choose it for traveling.

Question n. 3 "Which object do you always carry with you on a flight?"

When I take on a trip I want to see as many things as possible, trying to experience the city and its history as much as possible, so a tourist guide should not be missing in my luggage. I like getting information by myself and plan a sort of itinerary to be able to get the greatest experience from the destination city. Moreover, having a great passion for photography, my camera is a precious object to pack. I appreciate taking picture and immortalize everything that the trip offers to me. Then, I love seeing my pictures at a later date to feel back my past journey. Finally, I do not hide the fact that I take with more than the necessary. That’s because I prefer choosing different outfits.

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