John Low is our first model in which we apply what is the concept of sustainability for us. We believe that sustainable development must go through a rational use of raw materials and, above all, try to product less waste for the nature. For this reason, we have chosen to use fine materials produced with the recovery of production scraps which, through innovative technique that respect the environment, take new life with fabrics, leaathers and soles with highly performing characteristics. Our John Low have from a minimum of 50% to a maximum of 80% of regenerated materials with Made in Italy patents, very respectful of the most precious resource : the water.

The high quality suede of the upper EVOLO is produced by SCIARADA tannery with eco-friendly, certified and patented processes. This is get from an innovative process that protects the environment and the principles of circular economy, regaining and regenerating the scraps of the leather process in order to cut CO2 emissions and the usage of the primary resource: the Water.

The upper is in LIMONTA nylon with ECONYL® yarn, produced with pre-post consumer waste, (industrial waste, fishing nets, parts of carpets).

The inner lining is made of biodegradable goatskin, tanned with organic materials free of harmful residues and produced with a very low water consumption.

The bottom is produced with 50% recycled rubber, obtained from the recovery of processing burrs duly separated from the accelerators and sulfur, the other 50% is pure natural rubber. EVA components also have 40% recycled Eva.

Certified recycled cardboard box. Re-use me.

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