There is no place on planet Earth where chaos and order can coexist such as in Tokyo. Tokyo is the past and the future, grace and productivity, where the most efficient infrastructures connect crowded places with the most peaceful corners and where groundbreaking innovations and traditional arts stay side by side. This is the story of a walk into the secrets of the sprawling soul of this complex urban area, but most of all it is a quest for the peace of mind. We do not know a better way to explore life. In our inspection of uniqueness and diversity as the purest form of equality and innovation, we have traveled the quiet backstreets of the city and most crowded areas, moving from the grey concrete buildings to the green parks, until we found that we were intruding into an immense temple, where you can find time and space to relate authentically with yourself. And at that moment we understood that in a fast moving planet, walking is a privilege because it is through a walk that we find ourselves.